Monday, 14 August 2017

AED (defibs) for sale / rent.

Looking for an AED (Defib) I may be able to help I have for sale as new, manufactured 16/02/17 a Cardiac Science G5 Automatic with CPR Device in case and the accessory kit. Like new condition for £650 costs around £1000 new. 
If that's too expensive I can do an older 2008 Cardiac Science G3 in case with Adult pads to 24/12/17 and a battery that's still good for only £425 - bargain.
Failing that If you require a business / workplace defib on rental these can be supplied on a contract for £1 a day. A new defib in case with all pads and battery - less that a cost of a coffee. Contact me for details 03339 908087